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The darkness has its own unique charm

March 17, 2017
Bryan Eckermann - The Haunting At Helmbrook

Melody is romantic, shrouded in clubs of dark clouds among Bryan Eckermann - The Haunting At Helmbrook !
Starting with a soft guitar fingering, title track The Haunting At Helmbrook unites gentle, sensual melody with a fierce and eccentric presentation.
Romantic start again appears for the Victoria intro, developing in an epic, rhythmic saga, voicing legendary thoughts with heraldic phrases. And like a squad of knights prancing under the walls of an ancient castle, swinging banners on their pikes.
The knights continue to march, their walk is chanted by the heralds and the court orchestra. Epic saga 47 Missing continues to chant this solemn procession with its epic sounding. Completes this solemn procession with the guitar fingering.
A soft, pensive ballad The Dead Eyes envelops with the fog of its music, captivating by mystic and impenetrable haze of mysticism.
Power, fury and unresolved feelings are embodied in Samuel Hayden, combining malicious urgency and ragged blows in a single rush.
Gently and delicately starting, Flames Of Hell changes to the chopped ragged rhythm that does not hide melody, but complements it with its volatile character.
The distant cosmic distances carry a wonderful, exciting melody of The Cellar main motive, pulling into the realm of oppressed sadness and impossible, unrealizable fantasies.
Slowly starting, the fairy tale Devil And The Apprentice develops into the sensual, melodic and emotional ballad that brightens up the ordinary with melodic shades.
Exciting, fascinating melody Communion And A Cup Of Wine, sweeps through the entire musical canvas main motive, permeating time and space with its sound. Suicidal Angel continues melancholy, fascinatingly captivating in the misty haze of an attractive melody.
Pumping the pace, The Last Stand sternly and restrainedly increases the power and fury, in an angry burst of medium tempo releasing clubs of hatred, denigrating everything around the rays of wrath.
Distant wind, the rain and the soft, delicate piano passage creates instrumental intro Song For The Dead to the next song Aftermath, long and varied finishing the entire album ... with so tender, sensual and emotional melody, expressing the accumulated inspiration.