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The dark aura absorbs the unbridled darkness

June 07, 2018
Aura Noir - Aura Noire

The gloomy drive creeps with a hazy mist, drawing Dark Lung of the Storm with so dark covers, then winding the riffs on the axis of the main motive begins the Aura Noir - Aura Noire album with an obscure creepy twilight. Grave Dweller makes the sound much denser, rolling up the scrolls of gloomy legends, anticipating the vocal tales by a swift passage that cuts through the musical expanses crossing the vocal phrases. Then the guitar solo rushes in a fast race, but the alarm goes back to a dense mid-tempo march, repeating these changes again and again. Introduction Hells Lost Chambers returns to the beginning of the previous composition, then significantly and persistently announcing a gloomy tale. In the middle of the composition, the muted mystery enthralls contemplation into the abyss of dark romance, enveloping in obscure ghosts and shadows.
Accumulating strength and energy, a swift stream of unrestrained drive is carried away in The Obscuration mad race, chasing after obscure ghosts in an obscure haze. Preserving gloomy shades of sound Demoniac Flow brings traditional metal music shades covered with a dark glaze and hiding the rusted links. Shades Ablaze continues this trend, sealing the pulsating rhythm of the foundation and bringing the influence of other styles, but concentrating on the main motive pulsing.
Unfolding the canopy of meaningful and solemn Mordant Wind intro is then basing music on the recitation of the dark lord, supplementing them with clear and persistent musical motivations.
So grim and impetuous drive, interlacing dark motifs and traditional metal tunes in Cold Bone Grasp song, directs the album to completion, embodied in the enchanting instrumental Outro musical lace of shadows and eerie omens.