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The dark abyss of invincible silence

October 31, 2023
RORCAL - Silence

The assertive rhythmic alarm bell of the introduction precedes the addition of the musical drive with twilight vocals reflections, entwined with viscous guitar riffs and intertwined in the viscous and painful musical fabric of the Early Mourning song, which begins the musical story of the RORCAL - Silence album, continuing with a furious drive with a touch of a musical thriller, combined with the impatience of vocals anger in the musical palette of the Childhood is a Knife in the Throat composition, but then the vocal narration introduces shades of thoughtfulness into the sound, remaining, nevertheless, against the background of the musical image.
The vocal line immediately begins to wander through the twilight atmosphere of The Worst in Everything song, complementing the vocals gait with rhythmic drumming and an exciting whirlwind of guitar solos. The twilight mystery of the guitar solo intro is complemented by the confident tread of the rhythmic march, long, carefully and painstakingly preparing for the introduction of the vocal part, which brings shades of pensive dreaminess into the bewitching musical lace of the Extinguished Innocence twilight anthem, enchanting with its musical mystery.
Vocal impatience manifests itself in an assertive insistence, confidently and inexorably throwing vocal phrases to the foreground of the Hope is a Cancer musical image, enveloping them in the sparkling twilight of guitar solos, then accelerating the tempo in periodic furious bursts. The Constant Void composition rolls in waves of furious pressure of musical drive, crowning the rhythmic surges of a musical march with the significance of vocals phrases. But then the musical tempo transforms into artistic peals and fractured progressive musical variations of tempo and sound.
A whirlwind of rapid drive picks up impatient vocals phrases in the headlong flight of the Under the Nails song, picking up on the fly the listener’s intriguing guesses and preceding the entry of the final musical fragment of the album with twilight mystery, transforming into a muffled grinding of electronic impulses and distant vocals chorales, slowly preparing for the development of the musical twilight of the No Alleviation, even in Death dark one that closes the album musical fairy tale.