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The dance of death cannot be understood by mortals

November 01, 2018
Hekate - Totentanz

Epic broadcasting of The Old King fairy tale begins male vocals, with a pulsing rhythmic background, laying the mystery of the unity of folk motifs with dark motifs of the mystical forebodings of the Hekate - Totentanz album.
The legends of the Lost And Broken bard about the wanderings through darkness and darkness along unknown roads, awesome ghosts in the shadows and with the dominance of dark mysticism continues the album.
Removing sadness and feelings, the bard prepares for further wanderings, complementing the Mondnacht acoustic saga with orchestral wind instruments and a pulsing rhythmic drum march.
Keeping the acoustic part and complementing it with guitar and orchestral delights, the fairy tale acquires more epic tones and emphasizes the main motive of the Luzifer Morgenstern composition in the instrumental bridges.
The gloomy covers of romantic sadness that wrap you up with a thoughtful Ascension Day romance somewhat dilute the encouraging Russian-language statement, stating that everything was completed successfully, now comes freedom, love and hope.
The title track Totentanz begins with a mysterious calm mysterious melody, then bringing the female vocals to the forefront of the musical image, keeping the accompaniment in the background, somewhat increasing its power in the refrain.
Spring Of Life complements the album with shades of oriental folklore - as if invisible dragons hover a mysterious whirlwind around the phrases of female vocals, introducing charming melodiousness and notes of timeless charm.
Mysterious chants of the singing lady brings spiriyual chorals and music foreshadowing wanderings, dangers and adventures keeps intrigue at an incredible level through the Embrace Of Light song.
Returning to the fabulous trends of Eastern folklore, the Desire vocal phrases of the singing lady are intertwined with keyboard passages, as if praying to deities under a bright branch of the majestic sakura.
Concluding album Am Meere combines medieval European legends with the trends of oriental folklore, weaving from them a lace of fascinating musical picture.