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The creepiest pages of human history

December 14, 2021
Transhumanizer -  War Manifesto WW II

Complex and intricate Lebensraum musical passages are combined with the latent menace of the vocal chants of numerous dictators, then giving way in the Manstein Plan vocal part to restrained growling, but then returning again and again to the sound of the Transhumanizer - War Manifesto WW II album.
The progressive fracturing of the musical canvas creates a mesmerizing mysticism to support the vocal tale of the Holokaustos track, after which the Adlertag song explodes with frenetic whirls of drive and vivid artistry of musical transformations.
Developing a conceptual history of World War 2, an expert of history recounts the response of American and Allied forces - Operation Z. The Tinian Is returns to the progressive complication of musical constructions, at first relegating the narrator's speeches to a musical background, then transforming the vocal essence again and again.
Foreshadowing the end of the conceptual musical story, the Bockscar composition at first explodes with a combination of furious drumming, mystical keyboard variations, then more and more drawn into a mysterious whirlwind of musical transformations, anticipating the Instrument of Surrender final track, in which a vocal monologue narrates the surrender.