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The creatures of darkness and light continues the eternal battle

August 18, 2019
Yuzukingdom - Genesis

The inspirational grandeur of the Gate of the Kingdom instrumental march opens the gates of the Yuzukingdom - Genesis album with bewitching twilight melody, then the Trauma composition explodes with a stream of furious drive, chasing the rapidly receding temptations and unknown goals. In the middle of the composition, female vocals brings a twist of enchanting tales. Eyes Shut Tightly continues this alternation of furious drive, enveloping the harsh screaming phrases with twilight guitar solo motifs, braiding the growling lace of guitar passages and crowning the melody with the tunes of the Japanese fairy.
Solemnly and mesmerizing guitar passages braids the National Anthem harsh vocal phrases with bewitching covers, in the chorus the male and female vocals are intertwined in a bewitching duet. Female vocals, sparkling with distortion and transformations, comes to the forefront of the Bleeding composition, adding sparkling notes of romanticism. Roskill Lavender preserves the atmosphere of bewitching romanticism, alternating the emotional tunes of female vocals with furious scream-growling phrases.
Fascinating guitar passages are intertwined into inspirational vortices of the main motive of the Plastic Smile composition, enveloping vocals phrases full of emotions, alternating reflections of female vocals with furious phrases of demonic screaming. After romantic reflections, Wide Eyed Dreamer breaks the album’s musical canvas, interlacing screaming with growling in the verse, complementing vocal phrases with impressive melody. But after a furious drive, again female vocals take a dominant role in the Empty Hours musical image, facilitating the sound of the album and giving it notes of popular music. Evil Game returns to the alternation of female and male vocals, separating these fragments with the majestic guitar passages of instrumental bridges. We All Fight to Live completes the album in a similar style, alternating between the harsh passages of the drive with furious growling and sparkling fragments with female vocals.