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The contradictions of life and death are primordial

April 25, 2020
Tulus - Old Old Death

A thoughtful Hel introduction procession is replaced by a vocal rage, complemented by support for musical riffs. Twisted from side to side Jord continues the Tulus - Old Old Death album with a medium-tempo procession, rocking the listener with musical passages. Wrapping the pulsating march in the intrigue of guitar riffs, I Havet hos Ran marches in a mysterious, intriguing procession.
The ringing of a guitar string ends with the pressure of the Flukt combat march and a stream of rapid musical drive. Folkefall returns again to a leisurely procession, weaving vocal phrases with mesmerizing charm of a guitar solo with significant influence party bass guitar.
Acoustic guitar solo begins the narration of the I Hinmannens Hand bard saga, complementing the release with echoes of the medieval songs and traditions. Grunn Grav continues to interpret the bard saga, nourishing music with the power and atmosphere of a combat march. The stern procession of a stubborn and unhurried march again accentuates the Ild til Morkning musical image using the influence of the bass guitars part. But then the guitar riffs call for an accelerated tempo in anticipation of the final song.
Exploding with the fury of musical passages Villkjeft complements this fury with rare vocal phrases. Obscure trends of distant winds anticipate the bass guitars solo, developing into the In Memoriam main motive of an important and thoughtful procession of the last song of the album.