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The clock is ticking, counting down the moments that from present after cliques becomes past

August 08, 2017
Vedonist - A Clockwork Chaos

Visual Echo Of Distress begins the Vedonist - A Clockwork Chaos album in so viscous, changeable rhythm. Then the music brings a progressive, ragged, various rhythm, complicating the musical structure with the appearance of vocals. But then drive and power appeals to speed, stubbornness and power. A very interesting composition, alternating a lot musical styles - even the jazz influence is noticeable!
Hard rhythm, severely and powerfully introduces waves of powerful drive in Vulture Of War intro, next verse sweeping away any obstacles on the way. Chorus creates hot atmosphere of the desert, complementing the sound with florid ornamentation of oriental motifs. The instrumental part develops these impressions from endless wanderings.
Little Boy Black continues to develop the ideas of nomad's lifestyle, bringing the vocals to the forefront of the legend. Keybords passages is hovering over the vocals and instrumental accompaniment, in the bridges guitar improvisations creates fascinating image. In the instrumental part, music sharply accelerates, introducing a stream of impetuous drive. but then again the vocals with a cloud of muted keyboards dominate the sound.
The At The Feet Of Christ music complicates and hardens, the vocal toughly and persistently supplements this rage. The sound again changes the style, it becomes technical, selective and bright - but these musical twists are easy to listen to and leave very pleasant impressions!
Not simplifying the sound, Tunnel Rat in a quirky and changeable dance explores the catacombs, guiding from the vocals and accompaniment a sparkling canvas, entwined with muffled keyboard motifs.
After so unique and complex introduction, ending with a pulsating and rhythmic bridge, the Sentenced To Atavism sound appeals to a more traditional one, bringing bu the waves of powerful drive.
Far winds howl, bringing the Nhac Do introduction to our attention. Then, combining with this howl, music and vocals write out various pirouettes circling around these winds in the extolling of old legends and forgotten tales.
The music is rhythmic, pulsating, clearly and rigidly projecting energy with the furious waves of Internal Bleeding in tough confident march.
In a similar manner, circling in a dance of violent whirlwind on the path of the main motive Delusional Parasitosis competes entire album.