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The clang of swords and blood rivers pave the way to the crown

June 01, 2020
Warning Sign - Path to Destruction

An energetic drive of musical passages weaves around vocal phrases embodying anger, twists the twilight tunnel, raising vocal phrases of preceding chorus musical bridge Redemption over the rest of the musical narrative, captivating by their emotional inspiration. Beginning with a mid-tempo march, enveloped in the impressive solemnity of guitar solo with the introduction of vocals, Broken and Bare continues the Warning Sign - Path to Destruction album with a whirlwind of fast-moving musical drive, the section pulsating the rhythm more accentuated.
The Hand of Fate inspirational vocal part encircles, like a toga, its emotional phrases with the covers of an inspired mid-tempo anthem. The Escape speeds up the pace, but restrains the excessive swiftness of musical passages with thoughtful vocal phrases and viscous guitar riffs of instrumental bridges and instrumental parts. Fascinating with the exciting sound of the main motive, then The Eye of the Storm enthralls with vocal experiences that vary charismatic emotions and rides on this musical canvas.
The Path to Destruction (Radio Edit) title track intrigues the guitar riffs of the introduction, then manifesting them as the main motive of the musical composition, in the structure of which it is worth noting variations of tempo and rhythm. Captivating with an exciting medium-tempo musical motif, Hell on Wings again and again emphasizes and repeats the name of the song in the chorus. Intensifying the musical gloom and mystery of the guitar riffs of the introduction, Children of the Sun then creates an impressive saga, the smoothly vocal part broadcasts a mysterious tale. Heavy Lies the Crown completes the album with its longest composition, continuing the epic essence of musical sound.