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The Christmas is coming

December 18, 2022
Chris Isaak - Everybody Knows It's Christmas

Leisurely, unhurriedly and thoughtfully, the Winter Wonderland song begins the musical story of the Chris Isaak - Everybody Knows It's Christmas album, bringing further notes of the festive mood with vocal inspiration and a musical chime of the Jingle Bell Rock composition, recalling and rethinking the motifs familiar to everyone, drawing in preparation for the celebration, in which the atmosphere of thoughtfulness and peace of the Holiday Blues track brings.
Energetically and inspiringly, the Run Rudolph Run rock'n'roll dance draws you into the atmosphere of celebration, enveloping the soft covers of the peaceful atmosphere of the I Believe In Santa Claus ballad, then returning to the festive dance in the sound of the Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree song.
The title track of the Everybody Knows It's Christmas album assures of well-known and familiar truths again and again, revealing these events from a new side in the Christmas Comes But Once A Year romantic ballad and bringing shades of spirituality and prayerful sublimity to the lyrics of the Help Me Baby Jesus song, complementing spiritual hymns and pleas with notes of festive echoes.
The vocal part is brought to the forefront of the Dogs Love Christmas Too musical fairy tale, complementing the main male vocals with the support of the singing lady. The peaceful atmosphere and notes of country style are woven in the musical canvas of the Wrapping Presents For Myself song, continuing with the energetic desire for festive entertainment of the Almost Christmas composition, culminating in the charming sound of the O Holy Night final song of the album.