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The chaos is the foundation for any order

April 20, 2017
The chaos is the foundation for any order

Ornate, complex - because this is an unthinkable and unconditionally interesting and multivalued narrative The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures (CD 1) , forms into a vivid image - which, with each perception, will differ from the previous one. It is easy, elusive - but different!
Starting with an unrestrained, frenzied drive with a furious, mighty growling, Blood Design moves on to an unexpected romance with a dispute of clean female vocals with the mentioned growling, turning in the instrumental part into instrumental improvisations of mysterious melodies playing with themselves into a strange, obscure foggy game.
The quiet, calm, tender beginning goes back to the angry tirades of the growling, then Sulphur carries us into the desert, enveloping with heat, dry winds and throwing handfuls of sand on us. It is difficult otherwise to describe the south wind carrying the oriental motifs and spirit of the desert.
The proud, solemn march lifts the bravado of vocal phrases into grandiose dreams, clean male vocals begin the triumph of the Reign, turning into a demonic growling under the banner of key passages, signaling the whole significance of this enchanting saga.
Quickly, instant, hastily Allegiance begins his procession, squeezing space with violent musical power. Then the singing lady introduces the brief respite, but the growling begins to argue with the singing lady, then they unite in the discussion ... but tender melodic motifs arranges musical hunt from a frenzied drive to a gentle, refined lyrical romance. In these changes between a frenzied drive, giving way to progressive broken rhythms, and gentle melodic lyrical fractures, the entire composition.
Complex, vague Perversion mist envelops with the mysterious motive, penetrating the area around by the invisible rays. Then the music is twisted in a variety of unexpected and unpredictable twists - vocals tries a lot of shapes, even speaches and cantillations.
Immediately, the growling rudely, rigidly and vehemently voices the priorities, then the clean vocals complement the complicated musical pattern - there's no chanses for any Treacherous person in this realm!

Instrumental delights of the previous CD have performed by The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures (CD 2) - that's gives the chance to listen without vocals!
Blood Design (Instrumental), Sulphur (Instrumental), Reign (Instrumental), Allegiance (Instrumental), Perversion (Instrumental), Treacherous (Instrumental).