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The card that leads to dead end

December 29, 2021
Tyler Jakes  - The Devil Card

The Tyler Jakes - The Devil Card album's title track builds up a rhythmic urgency. The musical musings of the guitar part lay the path of the Zig Zag Blues main motif.
The sensuality and the rash of vocal doubts set the way for the Gone vocal meditations, supplementing the sound of the Androiddia composition with some playful meditations. The Used & The User pounces on a stubborn and reckless sound.
The rhythmic, insistent and deliberate sound of the Lab Rats pushes the mood of disagreement and dissatisfaction, which the Stoned In Omaha is lulled into a bluesy note of peacefulness. Then mediated and aching vocal reflections come to the forefront, augmented by sparkling keyboard reflections.
The chiming of the Dead End Run acoustic guitar creates the enchanting atmosphere of the Maudlin Pauper Interlude vocals intro, which foreshadows the end of the album with the Tyrannosaurus track./p>