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The burning here below

October 01, 2022
Sinnery - Black Bile

After a brief drum roll of the intro, the music and vocals intertwine in the unity of the blade of unrestrained drive of The Burning composition, alternately moving to the fore of the musical creation, opening the gates of the Sinnery - Black Bile album's musical story, continuing with the assertive, unyielding and unrestrained march of the title track, supporting the inspired sermon of the main vocal with the tunes of musical associates and sometimes supplementing with fierce shades of furious harsh vocals. The Who Will Be Eaten First song develops the motifs of the previous musical fragment, speeding up the musical passages and giving the vocals a bit of shades of rebellious fury.
The twilight atmosphere of the Sever musical anthem shrouds vocal reflections in veils of obscurity and doubt, weaving a mysterious haze of omens, prophetic and vague conjectures, then rising in a swift whirlwind of the Anti Tribe unrestrained musical thriller, combining music and vocals in a frenetic impetus, but then again pacifying the musical tempo and returning to echoes mysterious prophecies and forgotten tales in the sound of the Mouthful Of Nails musical composition, the sound of which is complemented by echoes of epic medieval battle sagas.
Opening with a solemn gait of musical grandeur, the Hanged From The Sun solemn anthem begins the vocal part with dreamy reflections, then driving a fierce vocal fury into the tread of the musical path, then repeating this alternation over and over again, but then raising the banners of wrathful rage and outrage in a frantic pursuit of furious drive and musical power. Music and vocals weaves an exciting stream of musical creativity in the sound of the Bleak composition, captivating with their unity towards the discovery of unknown knowledge. Further compositions close the album in a similar manner - starting with a melodic mystery of the introduction, then the Here Below song envelops the dark echoes of forgotten prophecies and introduces a certain whirlwind of restrained drive, after which the final 10 Holes saddened ballad, starting in a similar manner, closes the album with the mysterious veils of twilight romance, weaving the most successful musical lace of this album.