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The blind can understand the light, the deaf - the music

September 06, 2018
Oak Pantheon - Sol

The title track begins the Oak Pantheon - Sol album, collecting bard songs, telling their stories, revealing the sun, light and the phenomena they generate from different sides. In the first composition, the vocal in ingratiating and calm whisper tunes in the attentive and peaceful perception of this musical artwork.
The music is accelerating, the band of bard's listeners singing the Falling introduction. However, then the muffled whispers contribute pacifying elements, returning singing companions in bridges and choruses.
A soft and focused romance is predominantly instrumental, the vocal is praying only A Prayer for Light, in which he recounts and describes his dreams.
Romantic composition Mirth of the Divine envelops the atmosphere of ancient tales, complementing its sound with dreamy tunes that predict future changes. These prophets remain in the background, when the bard comes to the forefront of the musical canvas.
The pensive symphony lifts up violin passages fanned by orchestral and guitar melodies, completing Komuso instrumental saga with a noise of the sea surf.
Pulsing in a wondrous obscure dance, So Grossly Incandescent completes the album with a fascinating melody, intertwining a variety of melodic ornaments in the unpredictable lace of its musical narration.