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The best works have to be initiated

October 07, 2016
Quinta Essentia - Initiates Of The Great Work

These scriptures designed to be Quinta Essentia - Initiates Of The Great Work . It can't begins without their activities!
Starts with oppressive tense melody, appeals the story of The Wanderer Travels to deep comprehensive perception. Next music praises the gods of musical Olympus, complicating the structure and supply to incredible values in the instrumental part. This is followed by a continuation of the legend, and praise another musical perfection in the instrumental bridge. And chronicle of legends completed.
Legend continues persistent pressure with story The Stone as a Key, that combines two voices - clean emotional male vocals and mighty confident growling. Melodic riffs do not cease to be twisted around the main motif, giving rise to clusters of variations on the progressive structure of the branches.
History is transforming into a brooding ballad Flight Without Form that unites fierce and tight rhythm section and a spectacular, memorable melodic motif. The story tells an emotional clean vocals, sometimes brightens shades of bitterness and reverie with growling inclusions.
The tale starts from the slow, impressive and spectacular instrumental introduction, revealing a set of images of the main motif from different angles. This provides who have to be Master of Masters, what continues to broadcast vocals with growling on the front edge of the presentation, screaming sometimes includes its notes to the track structure, the melody is saturated with dense dark colors and carries heavy rich motif until the end.
Mystical Union traces its history, replacing fast motives with breaks that constraints to their spurts in a bizarre dance. But the leitmotif permeates all these changeable shapes, like a sharp blade pierces ghostly curtains of unimaginable existence.
Viscous melodic riffs are inspired on further way by Lunar Power, then emotional clean vocals slowly leads the narration, turning a nervous story with shades that concentrated by musical motifs.
Fast guitar riffs of instrumental tale Linear Articulation of Intent have taken us away from everyday disasters in clouds of dreams and beyond the ordinary hazards of everyday obstacles.
Guitar fingering starts melodic and impressive intro of the title track Initiates of the Great Work, then clean vocals enter into discussion with the screaming, they insist on their points of view, with the support musical breaks and sound palette shades.
Violent and persistent sound of The Elixir of Liberation creates a dark and intense atmosphere, shrouding the story of screaming vocals with twilight shades. But gloomy and weary motives are not boring and monotonous, they carry away into the abyss of adoration and admiration!
Primal Sorcery Incarnate (Outro) ends the album with mysterious distant chants.