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The art of time juggles with eras and mores

January 02, 2020
Pagan Reign - Art Of The Time

The soft acoustic echoes of folklore sacraments begin the album, mesmerizing In Gods We Trust with melodic charm, but then the vocals add notes of rigidity and drive, preserving, however, the folklore style and the melodic charm of the beginning of the album. The title composition continues the Pagan Reign - Art Of The Time musical narrative, beginning with the soft echoes of a melodic saga reminiscent of a lullaby, but then the pulsating march brings a certain solemnity to the musical narrative, introducing the trends of the solemn anthem of the banner of epic greatness.
The chime of strings recreates the essence of the album’s leitmotif, the vocal part begins with muffled reflections of clean vocals, then the music and vocals introduce the trends of northern blizzards, interwoven in a bewitching waltz. The Cult Of Blizzard And Fire vocals becomes hardened to a severe growling, captivating a fan of the power and rigidity of the musical narration, but then returns to the creaky screaming, then alternating these styles in the vocal part. The echoes of northern legends are more clearly and meaningfully embodied in the greatness of the Rising Hearts composition, again combining inspirational tunes of pure vocals in the vocal part, slightly supplementing them with screaming and growling.
Manifesting in the bewitching sound of the Eternal Saga Of Glory introduction, the main motif envelops its romantic flow with bewitching swirls of guitar solo, bewitching the listener with incredibly bewitching melody, enveloping the vocal variations of screaming and growling with sparkling covers of the bewitching atmosphere of the epic saga.
Fascinating with the echoes of folklore sacraments, the Path To The North composition captivates with thoughtful reflections, the vocals walks in a leisurely procession with growling, exploding with swirling whirlwinds with screaming. So soft, gentle and captivating ballad Voice Of The Legend combines the echoes of northern folklore with oriental motifs, completing the album with the addition of an inspiring ballad with significant vocal screaming.