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The archive storing even dark memories

September 19, 2021
Wormwood (SWE), 2021 -  Arkivet

The Archive composition that can be considered as the title one - in view of the translation of the name - opens the musical gates of the Wormwood (SWE) - Arkivet album combining melody and drive in the verse and marching a significant march in instrumental bridges.
Focusing on the medium-duty lace and echoes of the northern fairy tales, the Overgrowth song combines the melody of sparkling guitar solo and the solemn significance of the vocal narration. With the introduction of vocals, the music pace is accelerated, returning to rhythm, sounding and releasing entry into the chorus. The vocal part varies and combines the shades of screaming and grovling vocals. The End of Message intro is enchanting with so mysterious mysticism, with the entry of vocals, spinning into a spiral of the unity of the melody and drive, which wore unity of vocal transformations.
Wind noise, tamburines and vargans chimes creates atmosphere of ritual dancing around the northern campfires, that anticipate the development of the main motive of the My Northern Heart composition, rolling the waves of the northern fairy tales crowned with a bright leitmotif of the guitar solo. Leitmotive is already manifested in intro, piercing then sparkling ice boom all the sound of the Ensamheten song. Further, the vocals disputes of different vocal stylistics becomes the dominant element of musical essence.
A leisurely, thoughtful sound of The Slow Drown northern saga is converted after the rhythmic drumroll in some unity of northern saga and battle march. The Gentle Touch of Humanity composition completes the album, rolling the waves of a dense and harsh musical drive in intro, softening sound with the entry of vocals, but then combining and varying the sound again and again.