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The architecture of ghostly castles has not yet been studied

July 04, 2019
Your End - Ghost Architecture

The furious passages of the swift Rid Of Sunlight intro will whip up a furious wave of impetuous power, but the entry of the vocals will be marked by a viscous funeral procession. The twilight of a viscous musical haze weave the unity between the compositions, with the introduction of vocals rolling gloomy musical covers, of which deep vocals experiences are manifested. But then the rebellious guitar solo and inspirational vocal speech transforms the An Unbegotten Memory Of Lust And Agony composition into an epic mid-tempo anthem, marching along the line between medium and fast tempo.
The alternation of fast-moving passages, interlacing the waves of the drive with sparkling threads, alternates with the painful hymns of the dark celebration, in which the vocals signify the kingdom of darkness and anger significantly. Upon The Icy Hill vocals combinates screaming and growling.
The ambient Crawling Out mystery envelops perception with an impenetrable fog, in which vague demonic predictions manifest themselves. Side By Side In The Ashes continues the musical narration of the gloomy haze, transforming itself into the proud procession of the priests of evil, sinister necromancers and wise warlocks. The vocals broadcast the signs of the triumph of darkness, exhorting the evil impulses. In the final part, after a vocal reflection, a flight of impetuous drive flies, anticipating the waves of violent wrath of the next composition The Mist, whipping up a storm of unrestrained power.
The title track completes the Your End - Ghost Architecture album with a dark mystery, developing a slow procession of dark knights, all pumping and twilight speeding up the pace of musical narration.