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The appropriate punishment will be selected for royal persons

October 19, 2018
Krisiun - Scourge Of The Enthroned

Slowly and solemnly the title's track introduction unfolds the musical outline, then the choir of the adepts on the background pre-empt the promotion of the musical flywheel, replaced by an impetuous drive, embodying in the Krisiun - Scourge Of The Enthroned album the harsh power and wrathful rage inherent to this musical style.
Introduction of the Demonic III song envelops all in gloomy veils, vocals comes in like necromancer's spells is summoning demonic ghosts squad, enveloping everything around with darkness and frightening magical whirlwinds. The guitar solo in the instrumental part and its manifestations in the instrumental bridges give the composition a hint of swiftness, completing the reincarnation of the song in the choruses.
Dark covers fall apart first in the muffled whisper of the Devouring Faith intro, then they are carried away in the impetuous stream of impetuous drive, the vocal turns the composition into a pulsating shine on the verge of average tempo and irrepressible swiftness.
The rhythmic drumming in the entry brings the squad under the banner of the destruction of the prophets, the mentor prepares the soldiers for the upcoming fights, preparing to complete the Slay The Prophet quest.
Swiftness rises in a stream of fierce drive, sweeping aside any obstacles in the way of the musical procession. Vocals sketches their phrases on a dense stream of musical fury. After the bridge, the composition is transformed into gloomy playfulness and exciting melody. Then, in the chorus, the A Thousand Graves composition is transformed into a dense mid-tempered march.
The musical passages of the Electricide intro are stilled in a mysterious haze, casting fabulous impressions with epic motifs, but the vocal calls for a dense and stern middle-tempo drive. But in instrumental bridges, fabulous shades come back, complementing the chorus with their influence. Abysmal Misery (Foretold Destiny) as if continuing the previous composition, concentrating the epic narrative in a dense stream of drive, enveloping vocal phrases with a gloomy tunnel of exciting riffs.
Whirlwind Of Immortality completes the album according to the title - raising a whirlwind of musical motifs, weaving from them a wave of fierce drive, whirling spicy trends of gloomy mystery.