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The antidote is not yet invented

March 29, 2019
My Propane - Antidote

Alarmed by mysterious anticipations, the guitar riffs envelop Pavkovic intro with alarming forebodings, then vocal phrases bring additional emotions of experience to the beginning of the My Propane - Antidote album, enthralling with their thoughts and forebodings.
Mystical mysteries come out of the twilight fascinating with the mystery of the Medusa introduction, the vocals begin with an upbeat tonality, enveloping them with anxieties and anxiety. But in the chorus, greatness and inspiration come to the forefront of the composition.
Vocal phrases envelop in a whirlwind of temptations and promises, then the background chorals lift these exhortations to incredible heights, fascinating consciousness with a whirlwind of the A Dog Is A Dog Is A Dog chorus. Russian Pile-Up first continues these meditations, then exploding in a wave of drive and combining these seductive admonitions and violent musical passages.
Twilight passages begin with a fascinating romance, throwing out experiences with vertices, broken by musical trends. But in the chorus, romantic inspiration comes to the forefront of the Final Call ballad.
A severe and persistent drive rolls in a dense musical wave, the vocals interrupt this severity with influences in sensuality in a couplet, then the Hole composition is built on this rivalry. But in the chorus, vocal romanticism comes to the fore, culminating with of instrumental drive outrage.
Bringing in the whirlwinds of the main motive, the vocal prepares the foundation, builds a lace of reflections in the verse and raises the Broken Bone title to the top, accentuating it in each chorus.
The explosion of rage, drive and severity ends with thoughtful vocal reflections, then the vocals sweep up a whirlwind of experiences and give rise to the main motive of the Before You Are Dead musical narration.
The Seconds vocal part takes off a wave of indignation, then in the bridge in front of the chorus it builds a foundation for inspiration, raising the mood above the ordinary adversity in the chorus. Instrumental passages complement and accompany vocal changes.
Music supports the mid-tempo grandeur of controversy vocal phrases, enveloping feelings in Tightrope verses and elevated sublime confidence in the choruses.
The album completes the The End composition, embodying all the features of the album around the main motive with its hints and trends.