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The ancient tales sometimes becomes alive

May 01, 2016
Mob Rules - Tales From Beyond

Many have come to us from ancient times, a collection of fairy tales?
Here you have it - Mob Rules - Tales From Beyond.
Long Dykemaster's Tale starts with a deep souned wind instrument supported acoustic guitar passage. Deliberatly calm intro forwards to faster part, where story gaining speed and add power to narration. A bit calming in chorus, the tale came to its end with a lot of changes of this type.
Striking of a clock, howling wind Striking of a clock, the wind howling - next bagpipe entering intro of Somerled. Pace tempo lead us into fairy world where fantasy comes to high level.
Piano holds tide in Signs then rumble came to rhythmic challenge, where fast tempo loses their chances. So, something like ballad there is.
Like a horn from the tower convene an army into battle, king On The Edge now. Army marches on the path their warlord choose right ones in fast pace - to be in time on the battlefield. Warlord - On The Edge because of it!
Minstrels played leisurely, melodic passages by their instruments, story about the young king's continue My Kingdom Come. Well, minstrels were, and it's time to rule the kingdom - story tells us how kingdom rises, how king listens to advices. He's understand - "My kingdom come!"
Ornate, changeable guitar begins, continues and imposes us by The Healer. The melody flows fickle, covering vocals the from below, then from above. From the middle of the composition paces guitar solo, joined in a burst of improvisation by keyboards.
Tough Dust Of Vengeance! Hard and unbroken rhythm patterns take us into rage and metal fury. But fairies not gone, they just use more powerful and might support to their tales.
A Tale From Beyond (Part 1: Through The Eye Of The Storm) begins to exalted spiritualized story, where after harpsichord entering furied guitars. Then the instrumental chalenge diluted by vocals, where single voice replenished by the choral parties.
Continues these chronicles A Tale From Beyond (Part 2: A Mirror Inside) started by bard, playing guitar under howl of the wind and tells us story about his scares. Confessions of a long, interesting and narrative.
3d episode of tale A Tale From Beyond (Part 3: Science Save Me!), It continues under the howling guitars and various drums. No matter how long a story - but she had once be finished.