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The air sparkles with mystical signs

August 17, 2022
Wizzo (USA) - Wizzo

Rolling in the twilight waves of rhythmic drive, the Culling dark march begins the musical narrative of the Wizzo (USA) - Wizzo album, embellishing the sound with bright guitar solos, bringing this element of musical essence to the forefront of the sound of the Electric Lettuce song, crowned with an inspired vocal narrative.
Rhythmically, persistently and confidently, the Vanifesto composition combines folk motifs with a confident procession of the combat march, coming to the forefront of the Into Thin Air musical image, again returning to folkloric shades in the sound of the Plier bard saga.
The intriguing introduction anticipates the fascinating story of the Atomahawk musical fairy tale, which varies in its sound various musical directions and vocal styles. The pensive melodic Healer ballad fascinates with the sparkling guitar solo of the introduction and vocals reflections, addressing the memories and experienced events in the pensive atmosphere of the Years Away song.
The drum solo of the introduction appeals to the heaviness and bitterness of the sound, enveloping the Colorless vocala reflections with the covers of musical armor. The Mudbone composition leisurely and slowly marches vocal phrases in a twilight musical haze, sometimes bringing to the vocal part harsh, close to growling, mystical phrases of ghosts, which come to the fore in the The Great Filter (Reprise) final speech of the album.