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The afflicted and the needy impose pleadings and hopes on the sovereign

December 27, 2018
The Seathmaw Project - Desolate

The story-teller, in a muffled voice, broadcasts the Invocation tale, the soft chime of the strings of an acoustic guitar, the cry of a woman and a child enveloped by the noise of bad weather begins the The Seathmaw Project - Desolate album, implementing a harsh and tight drive in the next Feed the Need song. In the vocal part, growling prevails, nervous screaming complements it in the choruses, then comes to the forefront of the musical image after the bitterness of the music, but again gives way to the dominant role of growling.
The majestic anthem of the Fall to Rise intro fascinates the epic atmosphere, then growling is intertwined in the dance with a mid-tempo drive of the payment. In the bridge, screaming is connected to the vocal narration, transforming into harsh in the chorus, woven in brooding musical lace with growling.
Epic romance rises in the Adrift introduction, then the verse dazzles with gloomy feelings and gloomy forebodings, but the chorus returns the charming charm of the romantic ballad again.
The drum roll calls the warriors to battle, then the Divination music energetically approaches the entry of the vocal, hardening the sound to a dense, harsh march with deep growling, culminating in a hurried screaming march. These segments again and again replace each other in the composite structure.
The epic wave of the Disgraced main motive rolls in a gloomy narration, enveloping vocal phrases with a dense curtain of musical passages, replacing the average tempo of the verse with a solemn hymn of the chorus.
The album is completed with the Frail (feat. Johnny Franklin) composition that is fluttering from side to side, which is added to the peculiarity of the guest vocals.