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The adepts of what cult have gathered here?

June 25, 2019
 Suicide Cult - Suicide Cult

The stinging and viscous detachment creates an atmosphere of limp apathy and static character in the intro of the For Eternity composition, then the vocal twists a fascinating dance with interlacing musical passages, retreating for the fascinating artistry of instrumental bridges, in which guitar solos bring some kind of lounge music.
Bracing the motives of a waltz with insurmountable fetters of burdensome doom, music fetters reflections with the chains of gloomy doom. Vocal phrases derive their passages as if hiding in the shadows and hiding from attention and hiding their essence. But in the final instrumental part of You're Trapped/One Way Out song, the music sheds burdensome shackles and ascends into the charming dance passages.
Wrapping in with intriguing motifs, the Forever Undead prelude is swaying with unhurried rhythmic turns, rolling the canvas of the completion of the Suicide Cult - Suicide Cult album in a viscous shroud of the funeral procession. But then the flywheel of a musical composition is unwound, wrapping its vocal phrases with the turns of the main motive.