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The addictions of the gods are incomprehensible to mortals

March 29, 2020
Visions Of Choice - Mistress Of The Gods

With an impetuous inspiration and the New Horizon sparkling stream of drive, the Visions Of Choice - Mistress Of The Gods album begins, weaving a bewitching intrigue in the verse and exalting the triumphant unity of melody and drive in the chorus. Charming guitar solos of instrumental fragments Come Tomorrow attracts attention with accented phrases of vocals, appealing to attention and readiness.
Keeping the pace on the verge between the average pace and restrained drive, Shine envelops the vocals narrative with epic musical covers. Starting with an impressive solo bass guitar Into The Light then weaves the guitar parts in a single bewitching musical lace, crowning it with artistic vocal tunes. Starting with the grandeur of an inspired symphony, Endlessly then accelerates the pace, giving the symphony a hasty sound.
Bringing the vocal part to the forefront of a viscous gloomy anthem, Hold Your Head High gives the music a kind of obscure perception of dark charm. Keeping a similar mood of the dark anthem in the introduction, the title track Mistress Of The Gods then rides on the sparkling flight of restrained drive. By asking the mysterious development of a vortex of musical motifs in the Givin' It Up introduction and verse, the chorus raises in this vortex, emphasizing the name again and again.
Assuming a romantic ballad at the beginning, Gates Of Evermore then combines contrasting musical formats - florid and complex variable rhythmics of music and mysterious vocal phrases. Severe and fierce vocal tunes of the Hold On verse recedes before the inspired narration of the chorus, preserving, however, the structure of the main motive. Touch The Sky completes the album, combining in the musical composition the shades of a romantic ballad and a fast driving thriller.