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The abyss of nocturnal horror

April 05, 2022
Cryptic Hatred, 2022 -  Nocturnal Sickness

After a brief preparation, the Into The Depths vocals severity of the furious growling marches through the mysterious twilight, entering the music halls of the Cryptic Hatred - Nocturnal Sickness album and announcing the atmosphere of its sound. The Stench Of The Dead song immediately rolls in waves of anticipation of the rapid drive, hastily chasing the introduction of vocals and anticipating it with thoughtful guitar reflections.
The gloomy passages of the Nocturnal Sickness title track's dark anthem march at first in a mid-tempo march, but then vary the rhythmic structure with sharp and rapid storms. The vocal part sets the direction of the sound of the Vile Execution composition, then supporting the sound with a rhythmic and dense musical background.
Epic echoes of past fairy tales wrap the atmosphere of unhurried narratives of the ghostly warlock, embodied in the sound of the Full Of Hate song, continuing with rhythmic and persistent rolls of the As I Enter Darkness battle march and mysterious twilight of the sound of the Deathtroops composition.
The transformation of guitar riffs sets the compositional structure and complements the mystery of the sound of the Strangled To Silence song with sad reflections, anticipating the harsh and harsh passages of the Saw Torture gloomy composition and the Eternal Horror final reckoning.