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That's wrong path - this road not your way

August 09, 2017
Innuendo - The Road Not Taken

Calling for the symphonic passage in intro, The Other Side of Town (Jesus) starts Innuendo - The Road Not Taken album, sounds encouragingly dancing and inspiring to further accomplishments. Hovering over the melody and vocal phrases, like symphony, keyboards passages create so pensive and wise composition.
The title track The Road Not Taken brings an element of sophisticated experience, in a low-key and lyrical ballad remembering the times when we were young. Keyboards come to the fore, complemented by muffled guitar riffs.
Sometimes waiting is so long - it's hard to bear that: Waiting for You complements the sound of some kind of thoughtful sadness. This expectation carries with its fetters the gloom of anxiety and fear.
The alarm has not dissipated, the times of youth rebels in the sound of Digital Ocean (1974). However, the spirit of youth and life-giving energy gives hope and inspiration.
The drum roll, reminiscent of an army march, sets the stage for the introduction of Little Less Gray, the thoughtful and dreamy ballad - sweeping dreams and inspiration. Dreams in sounding Do not Take It for Granted bring thoughts to the sky-high distances, exposing them to sunlight, suggesting to flicker and sparkle.
After the bright, iridescent in its sparkle, the ideas of Going Through the Motions complements the album with some manifestation of a gloomy drive through which vocal phrases give splashes of hope and passion. Wisely and thoughtfully starting, Playing My Guitar brings from the wise and incomprehensible thoughts into the passion for creativity, again and again fulfilling the desire to create and create. And again, a thoughtful, wise-tempered mood returns in the Replaced ballad, bringing to the forefront keyboards and emotional vocals. Almost Innocent again brings a bit of drive, removing from a pensive apathy and leisurely reflections. But interesting and bright musical parts only change the atmosphere a little, it is just as difficult and ornately alternating in the general musical picture. Finishes the album Far Be It from Me, creating an image of longing for native places and habitual phenomena, creating a cozy atmosphere, which inspires to return again and again!