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That's the guy with the gun - get ready to feel pain again

January 02, 2018
Varials - Pain Again

The introduction of the first composition of the Varials - Pain Again album creates a mysterious background of conversations, permeated with musical explosions. Then the rhythmic shaft of The New Damnation musical drive pulsates, rolling on the harsh vocal recitative. The composition is completed with rolling musical shafts, complemented by eerie, tightened guitar riffs, vocal reflections.
Music of God Talk (feat. Chad Ruhlig) hovers around vocal phrases, taking away the perception of a few other, less brutal musical styles. But drive and power keeps the same furious energy.
Even more rests on more popular styles, but once again Anything to Numb enveloping them with severe fury and vicious confidence.
Musical motives looms around the E.D.A vocal phrases, leading their narrative in a gloomy and disturbing musical background.
Immediately revealing the viscous nature of the underlying main motif, then Colder Brother complements it with pulsating waves of drive and nervous vocal phrases. The vocalist's thoughts completes the composition.
The title track Pain Again seems to delineate the album into two parts, leaving in a different musical style, more severe, aggressive and furious, pumping in power and anger.
Suddenly, in this style, there is a kind of pensive ballad Abacus, albeit preserving the familiar "raw" sound, but reflecting in a leisurely way about the fate of the world, under the guitars solo hanging over it. The hammer is fierce and unrestrained in the introduction, Empire of Dirt (feat. Bryan Garris) nevertheless continues a leisurely, rhythmic march, partly continuing the style of the previous composition, but raising confidence and anger at unknown levels beforehand. Vocal precedes the final song with nervous, hysterical screams, culminating in harsh revelations and a mysterious melodic ending.
Again, somewhat changing the musical style Deadweather II begins like a continuation of the previous compositions, but then the unrestrained flow of energetic drive introduces a different spirit, though the song again returns to leisurely reflections before another furious rush. Rolling on the waves of entry with the introduction of vocals, the song's name draws attention again and again, demanding to show me Deliverance! Again and again!
The album ends with To Lay in Sin composition enveloping vocal phrases with harsh and powerful instrumental passages, pulsating around the vocal part like invisible guards..