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That god will rise

June 28, 2022
Defiatory - Hades Rising

The bright guitar sol of the entry of the In Hell composition opens the musical gates of the Defiatory - Hades Rising album, then complementing the furious musical drive with a violent vocal outrage. The Dance Of The Dead song more rhythmically and harshly accentuates the rhythm of the musical step of its sound, which complements the bewitching artistry of the sound of the guitar solo and the confident severity of the vocals narration.
Thunderstorm and bad weather create an intriguing introduction for a mesmerizing vocal story, moving to the fore the slow and mysterious King In Yellow musical image, after which the musical pulsations accelerate in the fast-paced drive of the frantic Stronger Than God musical thriller and the furious militancy of the equally fast-paced and rebellious sound of the Death Takes Us All composition.
The vocal part confidently and meaningfully moves forward to the forefront of the musical story of the Morningstar composition, enveloping the vocal phrases with veils of significant mid-tempo guitar riffs, but then the music again throws up a militant swiftness and is chased at the frantic speed of the Down To His Kingdom musical chase, complementing the harshness, militancy and drive of the sound in the Metatron furious musical thriller.
Setting the direction of the main motive in the introduction, the guitar riffs of the Bane Of Creation composition confidently and stubbornly follows this path, crowning the musical variations with vocal phrases. The All That Remains song in the intro captivates with an intriguing musical atmosphere, then rhythmically and hard driving in the procession of its tread with a harsh march, after which the Hades Rising final title track of the album takes off with a swift flight.