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That flesh shall to be grinded

March 21, 2023
Terror in the Mind - Kirves

The harsh power envelops the musical essence of the rhythmic D.I.P (Decay in Peace) funeral march with melodic covers, complementing the significant vocal severity with an artistic charm of musical significance, beginning the musical narrative with an enchanting combination of musical contrasts, continuing the sound of the Terror in the Mind - Kirves album with the furious frenzy of the title track, artistically varying the rhythm and tempo, but again retreating before the fierce unity of vocal anger and musical rage.
The music and vocals juxtapose and alternate with performances to the foreground of the Afterdeath composition, combining in a solemn procession with the symphonic charm of musical variations with the introduction of vocals and enchanting with sparkling decorations of the guitar solo, bringing the vocal narrative to the forefront after the introduction to the sound of the Chainsaw Lobotomy 2022 song, combining screaming and harsh vocals in the vocal part.
Weaving the lace of the main motif in the intro, the King of the Unforgiven song then alternates vocal reflections and the whirlwind of the guitar solo in the foreground of the musical image, the jumbling rage, the power with notes of playfulness in the assertive sound of the Corporal Jigsore Quandary composition, rolling a rhythmic furious march in a whirlwind of deadly dance and ending the album with a return to the band's native language in the Pohjoista Viljaa final solemn anthem of the album.