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Terrible terrain matches its purpose

January 16, 2020
Bewailer - Where My Demise Dwells

Slowly and significantly, Thorngates musical motifs cover the solemn anthem, complementing the musical grandeur with vocal tunes combining the depth and persistence of growling with the emotional sensuality of screaming. The epic thoughtfulness of the mysterious musical motives of the Endless Fall intro continues the Bewailer - Where My Demise Dwells album, enveloping in an atmosphere of obscure sadness. In the vocal part, at first, the saddened tunes of female vocals come to the fore, the singing lady muffledly thinks about the fate of the world, then a deep male growling supplements the musical image of the composition.
The soft, muffled mystery of the Moonspires musical passages continues with saddened thoughts, a muffled whisper of clean vocals appears in the vocal part, but then the music condenses its lace along with the transformation of vocals into a severe growling. The beginning of brief thoughts ends with waves of severe drive, sometimes An Old Remembrance is rolling with accelerated vortices of musical pulsation along with screaming, but retreating to viscous viscosity along with severe growling and inspirational grandeur with clean vocals.
Muffled thoughts, along with clear vocals, develop into a harsh narrative of the Silent Passenger gloomy anthem, which builds the castle of the main motive from the stones laid in the introduction. The vocal part combines growling and emotional tunes of a singing lady. Guitar busting introduces shades of romanticism, then the musical sound puts the canvas of the Nocturnal Sacrifice saddened symphony. Silver Lining concludes the album with a sad symphony in which the vocal part creates only obscure trends of a ghostly background.