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November 28, 2022
Zukos - The Zukos

Energetic drive, active guitar solo is inferior to the lyrical reverie of the Lemon Tart vocal part, weaving the romantic lace of the beginning of the Zukos - The Zukos album, continuing with the bright rebelliousness of the rock'n'roll spirit of the Don't Know composition, twisting pulsating musical passages with rebellious vocal appeals in a single stream of creative searches.
Vocals reflections are brought to the forefront of the musical image of the Those Eyes romantic ballad, ascending in tonality and sensuality, followed by the rhythmic pressure of the persistent step of the Miss Summertime march, combining musical perseverance with vocals doubts.
The dreamy atmosphere of the Dream enchanting ballad combines the acoustic charm of the string chime with the vocal reverie, continuing the romantic atmosphere in the vocal sensuality of the What About Stella song. the adooding story of the Zara composition with notes of blues brings the vocal part to the forefront, then varying the musical style, then weaving the mystery of the musical atmosphere to the sound of the Sticking In My Head song and completing the album with the charm of seductive doubts of the Paranoia romantic ballad.