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Tales captivates with so mysterious omens

February 06, 2020
Kaoteon - Kaoteon

Rage and drive explode at the very beginning of the Kaoteon - Kaoteon album, capturing unexpected revelations into the gloomy expanses, transforming the musical narration in accordance with the transformations of the vocal part, varying the Wolves of Chaos tempo and rhythmic structure in progressive artistry.
The romantic atmosphere creates a mesmerizing artistic melody of the guitar solo, however, a vocal cry cuts off the saddened romanticism, and explodes in the Sun of the East stream of unbridled drive. Guitar solo with enchanting melody melodies the main motive with sparkling ribbons of melodic revelations. The guitar solo of the instrumental part returns to epic melodic reflection.
After a leisurely swing into the Broken introduction, a painstakingly pacing musical procession spins the flywheel of the main motive, driven after the nervous vocal tunes and enveloping the surrounding with twilight mystery. As if continuing the twilight sacrament Memento Mori begins with the mysterious epic saga of a guitar solo, then warps the rhythmic structure and emphasizes the name of the composition in a chorus with a pulsating accent.
The solemn procession of the Catharsis in Unison mid-tempo march is shrouded in togas of epic veils, marching in a strict and focused procession with the banners of a proud anthem. Setting the mood of the majestic anthem Gardens of Midas then envelops the vocal narrative with the trends of ancient motifs, dissecting the boundaries between eras and introducing into the album epic echoes of the trends of ancient legends. Continuing the grandeur of epic motifs, enchanting with the triumph of ancient legends, Acheronta Movebo ends the album with a leisurely procession, bringing the vocal narrative to the forefront of the musical image, intertwining vocal phrases with musical passages in a leisurely triumph of pensive melody.