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Tales and legends intertwines in unexpected variations

December 09, 2019
Sarke - Gastwerso

Power, severity and drive leisurely, but significantly open the gates of the Sarke - Gastwerso album, accelerating the pace with the introduction of vocals, but then returning to the average pace in the Ghost War bridges and chorus. Bringing to the forefront of the musical image the essence of the main motive, Echoes from the Ancient Crucifix envelops the guitar passages with the covers of keyboard variations and displays vocal phrases on the front edge of a significant anthem.
Pulsating with appeals of symphonic trends, Mausoleum intertwines the melodic variations of the main motive in a procession of a leisurely march with vocal experiences. Softly, gently and charmingly The Endless Wait ballad wraps all of us in the covers of symphony and melodic experiences. But after reflection and thoughtfulness, melodic Ties of Blood pumps the waves of severe drive, rolling with the trends of a mid-tempo march, bringing vocal phrases to the forefront of the musical narrative.
Thoughtfulness and experience are intertwined with a torn and broken rhythmic pattern, In the Flames vocals is varying their phrases from clean doubters to emotional harsh. Once again, Rebellious Bastard vocals come to the forefront of musical narration, musical passages follow the path indicated by vocal experiences, intertwining guitar and keyboard passages in a bewitching dance. Cribs Hand completes the album, starting with a romantic ballad that weaves acoustic guitar riffs together with experiences of broken vocals, embodied in an enchanting musical romance.