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Tales and legends are sometimes so peculiar

January 19, 2020
Echushkya - Ara II

Unhurriedly rolling out the musical canvas in a viscous, pensive and unhurried introduction, The Sunken Pantheon begins the musical narrative, raising vocal phrases at the top of the leisurely and deep musical narrative, sometimes accelerating in rapid impulses and varying the tempo of the composition over a wide enough range. The distant echoes of the cries of seagulls precedes and complements the instrumental part, introducing some elements of marine romance and enveloping in spicy eddies of sea winds.
The Ara II: The Baths Of Dirona title track continues the Echushkya - Ara II album, marching in an even more leisurely procession of the solemn anthem, but the introduction of vocals is preceded by a race of rapid drive, followed by vocal phrases. However, despite the rapid rage, the song retains an atmosphere of bewitching melody and significant calm. Then the vocal restrains the musical race, but at the end of the bars the musical swiftness breaks free again, bringing rampant to the fore of instrumental bridges. But then again follows a leisurely and thoughtful procession of a significant anthem, again ending in an acceleration of musical narration.
Once again, the Blazing Pool Of The Gold-Limned Conch introductory sounds as revelation of epic melodism, complemented by obscure chorales of mystical fairies, follows again. Subsequently, such fragments alternate with excerpts from a furious drive combining swiftness with medium-tempo reflections.
The album closes with the Mouth Of The Dragon epic saga of a valiant anthem pulsating with waves of a mid-tempo march, honoring heroes who fought dragons and other incredible monsters.