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Tale of the spectacular journey

December 03, 2019
Dark Doom - The Journey

Soft musical mysteries anticipate the shaft of dark dusk, approaching a wave of furious drive, enveloping the surrounding space with sparkling darkness. Then saddened thoughts and gloomy doubts appear in the Spectre instrumental ecstasy and vocal chants. Then vocals phrases are intertwined with guitar passages in a bewitching dance that embodies the true essence of the first composition of the Dark Doom - The Journey album. But this charm ends with another stream of rampant drive. A saddened vocal cry, combining the thoughts of growling and the dismay of screaming, completes the song.
The majestic inspiration of the guitar solo of the Sigil intro ends with a vocal complement to the funeral anthem, continuing with a union of sadness and pride. Then the vocal calls for an acceleration of the pace of the musical narration, walking along the verge of high-speed passages and medium-tempo density, sometimes interrupted by the thoughtful thoughts of saddened instrumental bridges, setting the musical background for discouraged vocal crying. But sadness and regret are finished by the next whirlwinds of irrepressible drive. The enchanting guitar solos of the introduction continue with epic vortices of the verse, then the proud procession of musical passages raises the vocal phrases of the bridge separating the verses. The majestic banners of epic hymns once again ascend and roar in the Portal chorus.
Driving the rhythmic piles of the Ancient path, music and vocals intertwine in a single stream of mystical mystery, sometimes again emphasizing interruptions and setting the path for a new procession of rapid drive. But then the music shrinks to a viscous flow and the vocals are given to emotional complaints.
The birds singing, the winds of the forest winds serves as the backdrop for the acoustic bard saga, which serves as the intro of the final composition of the album Wilderness, further developing its melody in an epic lace of medium tempo drive.