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Tale of the apocalypse

December 19, 2022
Fenris Vrede - Ragnarok

Beginning with the text narrative of the Fur Begynnelsen composition slowly and measuredly begins to roll out the musical canvas of the Fenris Vrede - Ragnarok album, steadily and thoughtfully moving towards the pensive charm of the acoustic introduction of the Ymer musical saga, enchanting with the fascinating beauty of the icy reflections of northern folklore, complemented by the vocal narrative of an exciting fairy tale.
The guitar solo of the introduction intrigues with the further development of musical variations, embodied in the sound of the Midgard leitmotif, receding before the majestic charm of the epic solemnity of the Ask Og Embla musical tale.
The persistent drive of the intro weaves a stubborn procession of the assertive Byggmesteren march, pumping up a combative mood and readiness for valiant battles and epic feats of the Lokes Barn battle song.
The guitar solo weaves an intriguing lace of twilight haze, then enveloping the assertive Jakten vocals narrative, continuing in the pensive narrative of the Straffen bard ballads performed by selected skalds, combining musical brightness and vocals emotionality.
Musical mystery envelops forgotten fairy tales in twilight, taking on a journey along the Fenris Vrede path of old prophecies and predictions that precede their embodiment in more severe and significant echoes of the battles of the Odins Bane gods and their enemies, developing into the embodiment of the final chord of the title track of the Ragnarok album, summing up these tales of this epic tales.