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Tale about the deepest abyss

March 22, 2022
Slavesun - Tartarus : The Deepest Evil Exiled

Symphonic musical Introduction begins the sounding of the Slavesun - Tartarus : The Deepest Evil Exiled concept album, preparing the listener to perceive its significant and universal musical atmosphere, supplementing it with powerful and energetic drive, combined with progressive musical artistry in the musical constructions of the Disincarnate Illuminate composition, capturing the listener's attention and rejecting other distracting aspects of existence.
The fury, drive, power and belligerent unyielding nature of the sound of the Titanoachy track.
But what makes the musical power and unyieldingness even stronger is the furious and belligerent sound of the Hellcome The Tartarian battle march, which alternates a rhythmic and dense beat with a fierce and powerful build-up of a militant and belligerent atmosphere of fierce unyieldingness. Powerfully, pushingly, and tightly, The Battle Beast track piles up rhythmically, paving the way for the main motif's march, combining rhythmic severity with proggy musical surprise in the intertwining rhythmic structure. The album's Wrath Of The Kraken final composition begins with a foreshadowing of the aged sage and concludes with a voiceover of the embodiment of ancient lore.