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November 09, 2019
Bretus - Aion Tetra

The gloomy atmosphere of the intro sets the The Third Mystic Eye composition's mysterious atmosphere, rolling a verse in the impenetrable fog and raising a whirlwind of doubt in the chorus with vocal emotions. Beginning with a brooding keyboard symphony, the Priests of Chaos with pulsating march continues the Bretus - Aion Tetra album, twisted with musical passages around the vocal part in chosen tunes.
Slightly accelerating the pace of the musical narration, pumping out the bewitching waves of a restrained drive Prisoner of the Night disperses the enveloping haze twilight. But in the bridge and the chorus, the music again raises the banners of the wise anthem, returning to some drive in the final part. The title track Aion Tetra is mesmerizing by acoustic strings fingering of the guitar solo, then developing these motives in the intro of the Deep Space Voodoo song, preceding the compaction of the colors of this musical canvas and giving it weight and significance.
Thoughtfully developing the main motive in the introduction, Mark of Evil then swirls it with swirls of a musical canvas, again rolling the waves of restrained drive. A raven croaking suggests the name of the Cosmic Crow song, rolling in the malleable waves of the twilight anthem, stubbornly and confidently walking along the chosen path.
Vocal reflections of the Fields of Mars track, entwined with the strings of a guitar solo precedes the final composition of the album City of Frost, with wistful reflections of the sage enveloping the bewitching atmosphere of the meaningfully mystery.