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System or freedom? Illusion or truth in the future?

November 10, 2017
Chaos Inside - Freedom.System.Future.Illusion.

The thoughtful, touching beginning intro of Set The World On Fire turns into a triumph of solemn power, but with the introduction of the first song of Chaos Inside - Freedom.System.Future.Illusion. album vocals returns again to unhurried meditations, extolling the drive and power in the bridge before and the chorus itself.
In the bright and memorable composition Can You Hear Me, vocal dominates, other instruments surround him with variations of musical ideas, creating a unique and impressive musical image of this proud, charming ballad. The mystical atmosphere envelops with the spells of obscure magic stating that Love Is War, in this mysterious fog keyboards and vocals dominate the overall musical picture, sometimes the powerful guitars bring them to the top of the musical extravaganza.
Premonitions of future cataclysms are brought about by some premonitions of troubling prophecies by the King In My Own World. In this concern for the coming changes, when for every nuance in the world the specialized machine will respond, creates an atmosphere of concentrated minds against the background of a complex rhythmic structure.
"I see things you people wouldn't believe" - that wise man phrase begins tha last album's track Deus Ex Machina. The diverse, bright melodies in the instrumental passages seem to compete for the attention of the listener, stepping aside when the vocal phrases appear, powerfully lifting them to the top of the music at the end of the parts.