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Surprise is all around in this palace

September 01, 2020
Shrapnel (GBR) - Palace For The Insane

A whirlwind of unbridled guitar solo wraps around the blade of the Might Of Cygnus furious musical thriller that combines deadly musical whirlwinds with vocal artistry, complementing the sound with bright notes of progressive echoes. The Salt The Earth continues the Shrapnel (GBR) - Palace For The Insane album with a viscous mid-tempo march full of mystical omens. Drum rolls with a hard guitar solo of the Vultures Circle intro ends with a battle march on the verge of a mid-tempo composition, sometimes barely holding back from the fast-paced race of unrestrained drive. Once again, the drum roll seemed to portend an unbridled musical thriller, but the Cannibal vocal phrases and guitar solos retain the atmosphere of an epic tale, only occasionally exploding with whims of drive.
The Begin Again track develops musical mysticism from a mysterious symphony into the harsh gloom of a dark anthem. Beginning with a furious musical thriller, then Bury Me Alive restrains the musical passages with the mystical significance of vocal phrases. The Turn Off The Lights continues a similar style, bringing a touch of rhythmic component to the music and playfulness into the guitar drive. >Music and vocals combine in a wild musical stream, combined in the Infernal ChoirThe Mace continues the musical narrative in a fast-paced race of unstoppable musical thriller, at times hardening the vocals to almost growling.
The vocal part dominates and rules the Violent Now, Forever musical image, drawing instrumental passages along the path indicated by it. Facilitating the sounding of vocal phrases at the beginning, the Future Sight then combines harsh vocals, screaming and ritual tunes of clean vocals in the vocal part. The title track Palace For The Insane concludes the album with a furious race of impetuous drive.