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Suns are unpredictable in their changes

September 27, 2017
Neverlight - Nova Red

The enchanting romance shrouds in the dusk of unclear desires in the Neverlight - Nova Red album creating a romantic atmosphere in the sound of In Darkness. Then the keyboards bring the sound of modern electronic sound, but the vocals once again bring emotions and feelings to the fore.
Fractal takes on even more hectic manifestation of the dark component of romantic experiences, vocal phrases are anxious and restless, female vocals complement the inclusion of screaming with a rusty screech thickening the expectation of adversity.
Continuing the struggle with the extravagant dangers Moonlight Fire sets up the need for feats, heroism and self-sacrifice, in the instrumental part, the guitar solo brings hope to the quintessence, so vividly and uniquely sounded.
The main motive of Shallow Grave permeates the whole sound of the composition, above it bright and charming keyboard passages and guitar riffs develops with proud glorious banners of the foregone valor.
In the enchanting romantic atmosphere in the introduction of Forget Me creeps in a wave of power and drive, then in the verse of the lady thickens the vocal parts, sweeping the burst of bright dreams in the chorus.
After the energetic rolling waves of demanding power, The Revenant takes us to the unknown expanses of tranquility and reverie, realizing in the ballad combining key notes and thoughtful motifs of the flute of aspiration and intentions. In the middle, the exciting sound of the chorals and orchestral passages lifts us to the top of the symphonic celebration.
Lady acapello's and muffled background chants set the tone of Liar's intro, the instruments entered sweep the stream of unrestrained drive, then both these music streams find a consensus, uniting into one.
The dark twilight of the mysterious impenetrable musical motifs of Your Medusa is woven into unpredictable dance with vocal phrases, demonstrating more and more aspects of the mythical essence. Reflections on the impending confrontation form a thoughtful, unhurried and atmospheric United Against ballad that follows the path of the main motive, flashing bright emotional shades in the choruses.
Red Shift brings images of the future, electronic shocks shaking the surrounding space, the vocals complement the musical motifs of a shade of eternal charming romanticism.
The title composition Nova Red creates a mystical atmosphere for the introduction, invisible fairies and ghostly spirits bring tunes of their essences. Then the charming palette of musical ideas becomes more complex in a bright, volatile diverse picture. Then the vocals adds a variety of shades of their phrases to this indescribable, complex and unforgettable music. In the middle and in the end in the instrumental part, the musical appeal sweeps this diverse palette in a wave of drive.