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Such travel is immersed in the depths of mind

March 24, 2021
Spelljammer - Abyssal Trip

The suction mystery of the intro creates an intriguing atmosphere for a further procession and the sound of the Bellwether composition in which vocal meditation complement musical mystery. The musical chime connects the compositions, starting the Lake song's sound by a pulsating waves of an impatient drive, introducing the album of the Spelljammer - Abyssal Trip album of musical diversity, then raising the crests of these waves so squeezing vocals reflections.
Gloomy and painfully the Among the Holy track continues the musical story of the twilight procession through the impenetrable veil, leaving vocal phrases in captivity of the twilight haze and the impenetrable mist of musical viscosity. The title composition Abyssal Trip assumes the banners of a majestic hymn, the solemn procession of epic saga and an enchanting listener meaningful thoughtfulness. In the middle of the composition, guitar solo fascinates harsh thoughtful melodism, anticipating further musical transformations.
Speaking to the instrumental entry into the final composition of the album, the Peregrine enchants the listener with a thoughtful guitarist, scattering commonness and appealing to the most expensive memories, followed by the Silent Rift vocals frenzyness, restrained by the harsh and insurmountable pleasures of the musical accompaniment, finalizing the release of the music painfulness inherent to this style.