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Such experiments reject the choice

June 20, 2021
Skinning -  Homicidal Experimentations

Artistic and violently, the title composition begins the musical narration of the Skinning - Homicidal Experimentations album with progressive and impressive unity of the musical pressure and vocal rage. The Wrong Path song somewhat accelerates the speed of the musical race, calling for vocal reflections to rapidness and uncontrollability in a frantic race. The Gravedigger pumps the solemn waves of the mid-blooded march, which is ascending the damp banners of a dark celebration.
Vocal emotions increase their experiences on the top of the In Her Memory musical image, supplemented by the pulsating heartbeat of the musical essence. The Sadistic Butcher rolls the musical canvas leisurely thinking into joining, but then the vocal brings rage and rapidness, then keeping the front plan of The Demon composition. Music rage swears from a chosen path any obstacles, moving with vocals in the fierce sound of a joint deadly dance.
Music of entry shows all the features of the main motive, then the vocals complements the indications of the path of further follows, after which the In the Hands of God music explodes with the swirl of the violent drive. The Destroyer of Existence song even more develops the fierce of musical frenzy, incredibly fierce musical drive and vocal rage. The Blood Will Be Dropped composition completes the musical narrative of the album to the dominant vocals and a dense medium-dimension sound.