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Such darkness does not frighten, but enchants

September 06, 2023
The Dark Element - The Dark Element

The energetic intro of the title track of the The Dark Element - The Dark Element album combines stern drive and energy, combined in unity with vocals emotions, continuing the musical tread with the enchanting sound of the My Sweet Mystery song, enveloping the vocal lyrics of the singing lady with whirlwinds of musical charm, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the Last Good Day futuristic symphony, performing stubbornly and confidently march.
Continuing the symphonic charm, the Here's to You song captivates with an intriguing mystery, bringing the vocal story of the singing lady to the forefront of the Someone You Used to Know musical image, raising the music and vocals in the joint whirlwind of the Dead to Me composition.
The unity of styles and genres is combined in the exciting unity of the Halo song, elevating the vocal inspiration to the crests of musical waves, anticipating the futuristic romanticism of the I Cannot Raise the Dead composition, captivating with the bewitching charm of the vocals lyrics of the singing lady. Weaving a musical lace of restrained drive, the The Ghost and the Reaper musical fairy tale unrolls its musical canvas before the vocals story.
The symphonic charm of the mesmerizing Heaven of Your Heart musical suite weaves an enchanting lace with a vocal story in the sparkling romanticism of musical lace, intriguing with the introduction of the Only One Who Knows Me composition, anticipating its Dead To Me (acoustic version - Japan bonus) rethinking of one of the previous compositions.