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Such a light bewitches with mystery

March 06, 2021
Erra - Neon

Acoustic musings of a guitar solo create an intriguing mystery of the Erra - Neon album's intro, continuing with dreamy appeals of clean vocals. But then frantic growling takes you on uncontrollable Breach wanderings, alternating and intertwining with dreamy appeals of clean vocals. The harsh procession of the Monolith mid-tempo march is complemented by the harsh appeals of the growling, fighting and stubbornly paving the way for the banners of clean vocals to rise above.
Dancing in a charm with the memories of southern rock, the Signal Fire creates a thread of unity between different eras and musical styles. Beginning with a fierce fury of furious drive, the Valhalla then varies the rhythmic essence in progressive artistry, complementing the musical essence with notes of oriental motives. The Hyperreality develops these complex rhythmic delights to the atmosphere of a majestic symphony, enchanting with the majestic sound and the unthinkable sparkle of musical unity.
After the mysterious intrigue of the development of the Ghost Of Nothing musical composition, clean vocals raises the sparkling banners of musical melody, marching at the head of a solemn procession, heralding the beginning of the Disarray inspired combat march, in which vocal phrases are intertwined with a complicated rhythmic structure in a mesmerizing procession.
Fascinating musical artistry weaves musical lace from the jets of cosmic currents, complementing the Expiate musical canvas with the inspiration of vocal variations. The Unify brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, wrapping the phrases in enchanting whirlwinds of musical passages. The playful echoes of traditional metal are intertwined with the progressive complication of the final composition Ultimata, summing up the album.