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Such a cryptic explanation of the incomprehensible

April 05, 2020
Intronaut - Fluid Existential Inversions

An incredibly artistic guitar solo Procurement of the Victuals with a whirlwind of progressive bursts enters the beginning of the Intronaut - Fluid Existential Inversions album, then complementing the musical improvisations with vocal tunes, combining complementary shades in a single musical narrative. Dancing with mysterious improvisations of musical passages, the Cubensis gives an atmosphere of thoughtfulness with vocal reflections.
The fury of power and the drive of The Cull metal musical passages appeal to the hardening of vocals, but the vocal retains emotional dissatisfaction. Distorted vocal reflections precede the Contrapasso viscous burden of guitar riffs complementing vocal reflections.
The restrained dusk of the musical drive creates an epic background for the vocal part, with its variations building a complex and unexpected development of the Speaking of Orbs musical composition. Tripolar music in fierce zeal lifts the banners of an epic narrative, complementing vocal reflections with covers of solemn significance.
The incredibly progressive symphony of the Check Your Misfortuneentry introduces mesmerizing with the complex artistry of musical decisions, complementing its sound with a vocal part, which begins with a whispering clean vocals, but then explodes with a furious harsh. Beginning with a harsh narrative of a viscous symphony, Pangloss then complements the music with a vocal part, then recedes before weaving a round dance of a guitar part and variations of the rhythm section. Sour Everythings vocals and music are intertwined in an eccentric dance of musical artistry, elevating progressive solutions beyond ordinary concerns, crowning the album with incredibly complex and unexpected musical solutions.