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Sublime thoughts call for meditation

September 03, 2020
...And Oceans - Cosmic World Mother

Rising up with a rapid flight of unrestrained drive, the The Dissolution of Mind and Matter track's music begins the ...And Oceans - Cosmic World Mother album with the union of music and vocals in a single musical stream. Instrumental bridges captivate with the melody of a guitar solo. The Vigilance and Atrophy somewhat transforms the melodic essence, bringing vocals narration to the forefront of the musical image and creating an epic musical background for it. Continuing the musical narrative with the militancy of a deadly dance, the Five of Swords surges into the rampage of a frenzied musical thriller.
Calming the musical frenzy, the As the After Becomes the Before sounds at first with a mid-tempo guitar solo, setting the mood of the medieval saga. But the vocal intro accelerates the musical tempo and calls for a belligerent drive while retaining the epic musical background of the keyboard symphony. The title composition of the Cosmic World Mother album begins with a majestic symphony, then transforms into a combination of melody and drive. In addition, there is a clear influence of electronic music in it, remaining in unity with the furious symphonies in the Helminthiasis composition. The Oscillator Epitaph captivates with the hit sound of the main motive, enveloping with mystical echoes of ancient fairy tales.
The In Abhorrence upon Meadows instrumental symphony of the keyboard solo creates an intriguing respite from the musical drive, then continues the album with a furious fury of the Apokatastasis musical thriller that crowns the musical narration with symphonic veils and an epic anthem of instrumental bridges. But the vocals also bring in the mid-tempo elements of the dark anthem.
Carrying away by the exciting flight of the main motive, the One of Light, One of Soil envelops with dreamy echoes of forgotten fairy tales, combining screaming and growling in the vocals. The Flickering Lights closes the album with an epic musical canvas of a bardic saga, with the distant howling of the wind in the background.