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Striving for independence above all

February 13, 2019
Sawblade - Sovereignty

The disturbing motive of gloomy thoughtfulness envelops the Prosthetic Reality intro, developing into the pulsating march of the mid-tempo drive. Already in the first song Sawblade - Sovereignty album interweaves several musical styles and genres.
Continuing the style of the previous composition in the intro, the Herd completes it with a dense belligerent march, vocals are full of doubts and feelings, in the bridges the music is transformed with swift instrumental solos.
The dim haze of the Divide intro envelops in foreboding and foreshadowing, the vocals in the verse retains its harsh style, rising to the refrain in emotional phrases of clean style.
Thoughtful motifs create a background for the sad reflections of a violin, then Architects Of Destiny vocals harden the sound and the gloomy procession of musical accompaniment follows the indicated path.
Entangling with vain vague forebodings, doubts and expectations in a verse, the vocals in the Declaration chorus raise the trends of hope.
The harsh recitative of the vocal anticipates the development of the Line composition, rolling furiously in the instrumental bridges and putting fear and anxiety in awesome vocal phrases, but in the refrain the vocal part is encouraging. Spires seems to continue the previous composition, giving more hope and brightening up alarms in the choruses.
After anxiety and fear, the vocals begins with inspiration and sublime, but then the Light composition is transformed into a thrash metal drive, but the vocal returns to reflections again.
Beginning with an acoustic symphony, the stately instrumental ballad Depiction completes the album.