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Striving for an afterlife

April 13, 2023
HateSphere - Reduced to Flesh

The Praeludium mystery symphony begins the musical story of the HateSphere - Reduced to Flesh album with the introduction of the Corpse of Mankind composition, which develops musical motifs and complements this melodic charm with a vocal part. Confidently and assertively, the music rolls in waves of drive, emphasizing the severity of the Nothing is Definite battle march for the further introduction of the vocals story.
The intriguing introduction ends with a brief pause, after which the music and vocals are intertwined in the fierce unrestraint of the sound of the Ruled by Domination musical thriller, sometimes transforming into a melodic ascension, continuing with an equally exciting unity of melody, drive and vocal charisma in the musical image of the title track of the Reduced to Flesh album and a rapid musical whirlwind of vocals lyrics flying on the wings of musical variations of the Can of Worms composition, enchanting also with bright guitars solo instrumental fragments.
The guitar solo of the intro sets the direction of the race of the Lethal Mistakes main motif, bringing to the fore again and again in the instrumental bridges. The Petty composition emphasizes the importance of the bass guitar and the rhythm of the section in the musical image, developing these stylistic features with the separation of the rhythmic background and the guitar solo with the Afterlife vocals story, entering the sound of the Despicable You final composition of the album with the beat of gigantic drums, then rolling the unity of vocals courage and the variable tempo of the guitar riffs drive.